mecfiller 00 overview

– complex: 6 directional filtering with center/axis control settings
– fast: approach like ‘complex’, but with no center/axis control
– rough: multidirection estimation with center/axis control

– if both values are on 0, the filtering is using the overall center of the image to direct the expension towards.
– if the center gets placed, its redirecting the filtering distribution to this new middlepoint.

axis multiplier:
– specifies the amount of horizontal/vertical influence for the direction of the filling that should be used.

How it works:

mecfiller 01 start

First picture: Original Frame
Second picture: Starting Point – random holes cut into the frame
Third picture: Alpha of the picture above

Modes Comparison:

mecfiller 02 methods

Axis Explanation:

mecfiller 03 axismultiplier

In general the tool splits up the picture in quarters and applies a downsizing with a custom filter based on the direction from the specified center. Red for example filters more from the top left while yellow filters more information of the picture from the bottom up. If the axis multiplier is very low it only takes a very small amount of vertical/horizontal direction into account. If the axis multiplier is higher it filters more directly from the top/bottom or left/right which creates a more pointed fill estimation. This value generally can be adjusted to try to find a nicer overall filling.

This hole approach is based on Mads Hagbarth’s FFfiller tool. He wrote an article about it that can be found on his homepage – check it out if you want your mind to be blown:  > Mads Article <